How to download your eBook

If you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device, simply DOWNLOAD THE ZOLA APP and your book is ready to read!

Currently, only Zola Exclusives are available on ALL devices (Kindle and Nook included!). Click here to browse Zola Exclusives.

Outside the USA? You can still buy Zola Exclusives. Email [email protected].

To access your eBooks, go to your My eBooks page here.

Scroll down and click on the book under your Purchased list.

A screen will pop-up; click Read.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, click the button to download the app.

If you purchased a Zola Exclusive book and prefer to read on a different device, click the button to download a copy.

Click the button for whichever device you own. You’ll be guided through adding the Zola Exclusive to your device.

Need help getting your Zola Exclusive onto your reader, tablet, or computer?


All set?

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