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Our mission is to make Zola Books a paradise for book lovers.

We are taking everything readers do in the real world – browse bookstores, read book reviews, visit blogs, follow authors, share reviews and recommendations, and buy books – and putting it all in one place. Zola is a clean, well-lit space where you can CONNECT with your friends and also with the writers, booksellers, magazines, and bloggers you love.  It’s also a place where you can SHOP for eBooks from every publisher and read those books on every tablet, computer, phone, and device.  And we only sell books, books, and more books – no TVs, tires, jewelry, or pet supplies.

We are still in the early stages; every week we are adding eBooks from major publishers, adding bookseller partners, and adding book reviews from newspapers and blogs around the world.  At the moment, only our exclusives like THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE, SLOUCHING TOWARDS BETHLEHEM, FALLEN ANGELS, and THE NEW HUNGER work on every device; all other eBooks are readable on iPads and iPhones. (If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can see that reading on Zola is different and new, social like you’ve never seen it, perfect for book clubs, classes, and anyone who likes to feel part of the larger world of readers.)

So come in, look around, and if you don’t see something you’re looking for, come back again – because sooner or later, if it has to do with books and the people who love them, it will be part of the Zola experience.

Many thanks,

The Team at Zola Books

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